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LTO to implement new license restriction codes

What’s your new driver’s license restriction code?

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With improving road safety by way of ensuring driver aptitude in mind, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is finally revamping the restriction codes found in driver’s licenses. At present, a very rudimentary system is in place wherein all motorcycles and tricycles are classified under Restriction Code 1. The new system will change this by introducing subcategories, similar to that found in other countries.

Given the new codes, motorcycles now fall under DL Code A. However, there are subcategories which have been determined by weight and size, as well as maximum achievable top speed. For small motorcycles whose top speeds do not exceed 50 kilometers per hour, the DL Code would be A L1. Likewise to drive a standard motorcycle which is capable of more than 50 kph, and is equipped with a manual transmission, your restriction code should be A L3.

New Driver's License Details

On top of the additional restriction codes on top speed and size, the new DL Codes also take into consideration the type of transmission a motorcycle is equipped with. AT stands for Automatic Transmission, while MT stands for Manual Transmission. So, if you are a non-professional license holder, in order to drive a standard motorcycle equipped with a manual transmission, your code should be A L3 NPL MT. Just like the existing restrictions, those who are allowed to drive manual transmission vehicles are also allowed to drive automatic transmission vehicles. Inversely, those who are allowed to drive automatic transmissions only, are not allowed to drive manual transmission vehicles.

 At the moment, it would appear that the LTO has yet to clarify the exact date of when these new DL Codes will be implemented. Additionally, they haven’t released a statement explaining what would happen to the driver’s license restriction codes of those who will be renewing their respective licenses.

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