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Kawasaki adds yet another trailer to its Retrovolution campaign teasing the Z650RS?

We’re pretty certain that a retro 650 from Kawasaki is on the way.

Retrovolution Kawasaki Logo

We’re all pretty excited about the Kawasaki Z650RS, and the Japanese brand is launching the bike on September 27, 2021. Before that, yet another teaser trailer of the bike dropped, or at least it is what we presume it to be. 

Kawasaki’s “Retro-Evolution,” or “Retrovolution” campaign is pretty indicative of what the brand wishes to launch. Given the imagery in the other teaser videos, the bike in question will no doubt be a Z650, styled similarly to the current-generation Z900RS that we have in the Philippines. 

The second teaser was able to showcase a vintage Z650, and if that isn’t a nod to a new-school version, then what is the point of the trailer in the first place? Anyway, the rest of the video shows a rider kitted out with retro-style gear, which includes an open-face helmet, some sunglasses, and a swanky leather jacket. 

Unfortunately, the most revealing part in the video are the last few frames where we got our best look at the bike yet in the form of a reflection. Come on Kawasaki. Just give it to us already. If you slow down the video, you will notice that the bike does have a headlight similar to the Z900RS, and it retains majority of the character lines and design of the neo-retro motorcycle. Then again, we only got 16 seconds worth of air time with this teaser. 

We know for sure that the bike will be a retro-inspired design and that it will also be fielded with a 649cc parallel-twin engine. We’re still on the edge of our seats following this trailer since Kawasaki doesn’t have a 650cc offering in the middleweight category of motorcycles. 

The video ends with a white text on a black background saying: “Join us on September 27th” then proceeds to change into “Retro-Evolution” and “Retrovolution.” All of that is followed by the Kawasaki brand logo and the tagline: “Let the good times roll.” 

It is without a doubt that the Z650RS is getting a launch, though, we could be wrong. What if Kawasaki decides to pull a full 180-degree turn on us and psyches us out with a different bike? Either way, that seems unlikely. We will be expecting a Z650RS and we better get it in the country as well! 

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