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Honda bids farewell to the CB1100 RS with limited Final Edition release

The end of the high-displacement, air-cooled, inline-four.

Honda CB1100 RS

Few motorcycles in the world have achieved the legendary status of the Honda CB. Known the world over as the go-to motorcycle for dependable and reliable street-use, the CB well and truly has gone a long way from its inception back in the 1960s. These days, Honda’s CB range of bikes comes in all shapes and sizes—from the small and compact CB150R all the way to the massive CB1300 roadster, there really is a Honda CB for all types of riders. 

It is with that in mind that we can’t help but feel rather nostalgic after Honda announced the Final Edition of the CB1100 RS. Although not widely available in the local market, the CB1100 RS is the very embodiment of the CB range of bikes—powerful, stylish, and comfortable; a true all-rounder machine.  This bike, with its 1,140cc air-cooler four-cylinder engine, is by far one of the smoothest bikes in its class, providing unparalleled levels of comfort and performance in the heavyweight naked bike segment. 

Honda CB1100 RS Final Ediiton

The CB1100 EX, which is the version available locally, is also getting a Final Edition, well and truly signaling the end of an era of high-capacity, air-cooled, multi-cylinder roadsters. The Honda CB1100 RS Final Edition will first make its way to the Taiwanese market, and will feature two classy colorways—Matte Denim Blue and Honda Classic Red. The CB1100 RS features alloy wheels, and unmistakable café racer styling. Meanwhile, the CB1100 EX sports more classic styling, complete with upright ergonomics and wire-spoke wheels.  

While the end of the CB1100 era is well and truly an unfortunate reality we must face, it indeed opens doors to more exciting things to come from Big Red. As mentioned earlier, the CB1100 RS and EX Final Editions will make their way to the Taiwanese market within the years. Likewise, we can expect these bikes, particularly the CB1100 EX, to make their way to the Philippine market sometime in 2022.

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