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Filipino startup Lycan Motorcycles unveils its first model lineup

The Lycan G6 and Challenger 1 prototypes have been unveiled.

Lycan Motorcycles

Lycan Motorcycles, the ambitious Filipino startup that aims to make futuristic bikes, has unveiled its initial motorcycle lineup. In a virtual event held on Saturday, the company took the covers off the Lycan G6 and Lycan Challenger 1.

There's a lot to unpack from what Lycan revealed. The company prefaced the event with several statements on its present and future. It spoke of developing technology that sounds game-changing but doesn't necessarily exist yet. What does exist right now is a couple of prototype motorcycles that look like nothing we've seen before.

Lycan Motorcycles

The Lycan G6 is a bobber-type cruiser bike that will reportedly be available with 300 to 650cc engines. It features a curious neo-retro look, one that appears straight out of a mad scientist's laboratory. The second model is the Challenger 1, a single-seat sportbike that would also be available with 300 to 650cc power plants. Its design is bold yet sleek, almost akin to the iconic motorcycle from 'Akira.'

Lycan Motorcycles

According to Lycan, all of its models are currently in the alpha stage of research and development. That means we likely won't see these motorcycles in production for quite some time. The company does appear to have figured out pricing figures, with the 300cc G6 having a targeted SRP of P179,999. That would be the most affordable model, while the 650cc Challenger 1 could be the most expensive at P309,999.

Lycan Motorcycles

What really sets Lycan apart in the industry is its claims of creating cutting-edge technology. It plans to equip its models with a proprietary operating system called LmOS. This technology would power several features, including an artificial intelligence-based smart assistant, LUNA AI. Lycan will reportedly leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for seamless communication between the user and the motorcycle's components. 

Apart from this, Lycan is developing a smart helmet that appears to have an integrated augmented reality (AR) display. That would grant the rider access to a variety of riding information in one package.

Lycan's unveiling gives us a taste of what the company is all about. It has strong ambitions of building futuristic motorcycles today, but whether it can live up to that remains to be seen. Nonetheless, we're excited to see what Lycan can achieve in the coming years. 

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