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Could the QJ Motor SRV 550 ST soon become a Benelli-badged middleweight cruiser?

QJ Motor’s parallel-twin-powered cruiser is set to make its debut in EICMA 2022.

Could the QJ Motor SRV 550 ST soon become a Benelli-badged middleweight cruiser?

New in-line twins, particularly those created for beginner riders in Europe, are widely available from several Chinese manufacturers. One of them is QJ Motor, which will launch the SRV 550 ST, a neo-retro cruiser, in Europe for 2023. The ST is based on the SRV 550 neo-retro naked bike and has the same two-cylinder, Euro 5-compliant engine with a capacity of 554cc. This parallel-twin engine has a 47.6 horsepower rating, making it a rather beginner-friendly option much like Honda's Rebel 500.

The ST bills itself as a throwback cruiser with a retro aesthetic. The SRV 550 ST is obviously built for a casual, laid-back riding style with its forward-set foot pegs, low seat height, high handlebars, and long tubular steel frame. Despite its traditional cruiser look, it does have some contemporary features including LED lighting and a digital instrument cluster.

QJ Motor SRV 550 ST

The QJ Motor SRV550 is a fairly basic motorcycle aside from these additions. It has a regular telescopic front fork, a 300 millimeter single disc brake, and 17-inch cast aluminum wheels. A linkage-mounted monoshock located under the seat provides suspension in the back. The saddle itself is quite large and provides enough of room for riders of all sizes. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about its passenger seat, which is extremely tiny, even for the smallest of adults. 

The SRV 550 ST employs a belt final drive rather than a chain, in contrast to other two-wheelers in its displacement and price range. Younger cruiser enthusiasts wishing to upgrade to a Harley-Davidson or Indian cruiser in the future would undoubtedly enjoy this. In addition to having silent running qualities, a belt drive requires very little maintenance, which lowers the overall cost of ownership. The usual belt replacement interval is roughly 40,000 kilometers, but some manufacturers double this range.

QJ Motors will sell the SRV 550 ST in the spring of 2023 in Europe.  The bike will be fully introduced at EICMA in November 2022. Additionally, the cruiser won't cost more than 7,000 Euros, or approximately P406,000, claims QJ Motor. A three-year warranty will also provide new owners of the QJ Motor SRV 550 ST with further assurance. Should QJ Motor decide to release the SRV 550 ST under Benelli branding here in the local market, it'll certainly add to the rather sparse choices in the entry-level cruiser segment which is currently occupied by the Honda Rebel 500, Bristol Bobber 650, and Kawasaki Vulcan S.

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