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BMW to produce face masks to combat COVID-19

BMW fights back COVID-19 by converting its manufacturing facilities to producing face masks.

BMW Headquarters Facemask

BMW is joining other motorcycle manufacturers in stepping up in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. MV Agusta, Yamaha, and Benelli are among the motorcycle manufacturers who have donated personal protection equipment (PPE), masks, ventilators, and respirators to hospitals and organizations needing them. Meanwhile, other manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors have paired up with healthcare equipment suppliers to help in manufacturing critical equipment needed by hospitals and healthcare facilities such as ventilators and respirators. Other companies like Pirelli and Dainese have instead contributed financially, and now, BMW has pledged to join the fight against COVID-19 by turning its production over to masks.

Through its Chief Executive Officer, Olver Zipse, BMW announced that it will soon be able to produce “several thousand masks per day”. At the moment, they have already delivered 100,000 masks to the government from its own existing stocks and added an additional 50,000 masks and a million gloves last Wednesday. They promise to deliver an additional million masks in the next two weeks.BMW is taking advantage of and working closely with its global supplier network in procuring respiratory masks and other medical equipment even on such short notice. 


The German brand’s facilities in Europe, North America, and South Africa remain closed until at least April 30, 2020. Just last week, they announced opting out of EICMA and Intermot, two of the biggest motorcycle shows held in Europe days before they unveiled the all-new R18 cruiser digitally. All these recent moves were made in their efforts to flatten the curve by lessening physical contact and social interaction in its bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

We’re seeing much more proactive participation in the bid to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic by several motorcycle manufacturers including BMW. Hopefully, their efforts would pay off in the soonest possible time as we all do our bid in flattening the curve. 

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