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Angkas will be going cashless in September

Angkashless is a much safer mode of payment in light of recent events.


Ever since the country got hit by the COVID-19 global pandemic, motorcycle companies were forced to cut pilot testing programs short, and suspend operations. This of course, also directly affected the motorcycle ride-hailing businesses such as Angkas. A few months after, the government eventually allowed pillion riding on certain conditions provided that a back-riding shield was used by the driver and passengers. This decision also faced staunch criticism from the riding community as the designs presented to the IATF didn’t seem to be safe enough for use as it caused unnecessary wind drag at higher speeds. 

Today, restrictions over pillion riding are starting to ease and the government has already recommended the return of motorcycle ride-hailing services within Metro Manila to address the limited operations of our transportation system. Now that Metro Manila has been put back into general community quarantine, Angkas is bracing themselves to get back into operations, while at the same time, trying to put more safety into their motorcycle taxi services. They are now set to launch a new system for its ride-hailing service operations to provide for cashless transactions.

In its latest Facebook post, the company finally announced that by September 2020, it will soon start accepting credit card payments. In the next couple of weeks, whether or not motorcycle ride-hailing services finally make a return, Angkas would still be deploying its cashless payment system.

It should be remembered that Angkas still continues to service our frontliners by deploying 1,000 riders assigned in areas near major hospitals around Metro Manila to provide free rides to health workers attending to COVID-19 patients. They have also donated wearable motorcycle barriers to JTF-COVID Shield to help motorcycle riders who regularly ferry their spouse, live-in partners, relatives, and friends who work as medical frontliners. 

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