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Top 5 CFMOTO motorcycles you should consider getting

Not sure which CFMOTO is perfect for you? Allow us to help.

Top 5 CFMOTO Motorcycles you should get

CFMOTO is a breakthrough brand in the country, catering to the Filipino’s love for motorcycling. The brand’s best-known for its value for money, continuously offering big bikes at affordable prices. 

Because the brand is quite large already, and its lineup is chock full of bikes of different sizes and specifications, it might make your head spin to pick out just the right one for you. To help with that, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite models from the brand. 

400 NK

CFMOTO 400 NK Philippines

The most popular expressway-legal motorcycle in the lineup makes the list for a couple of reasons. First off, the CFMOTO 400 NK comes at a displacement of 400cc, which means that you can take it on the highway. There are no extra hurdles that you have to go through because it just plainly has 400ccs worth of displacement. The said parallel-twin engine makes 40.9 hp and 34.4 Nm of torque, which is perfect for commuting on the highway or going on a leisurely ride. It’s enough power to get you going in the city or on the open road. 

Second, all that can be had for a price of just P219,800, and the bike boasts some stellar quality to boot. However, this is just the first entry on the list. Some of its cons include its weight. At over 200 kg, it may be a looker, but it’s no lightweight either. It’s quite heavy for a 400cc class bike. 

650 NK

CFMOTO 650 NK Philippines

To carry more of the weight, you need more power, and who doesn’t want more power? Rarer than the 400 NK, the CFMOTO 650 NK just makes more sense if you’re really serious about keeping the bike long-term. With a parallel-twin engine that produces 60.3 hp and 56 Nm of torque, it’s definitely no slouch on the straights. 

We got the opportunity to test this bike long-term, and we can safely say that it trumps the 400 NK in our books. Now, it still has a weight of over 200 kg, but the extra power helps the bike carry its weight much better through the corners. It can double as a daily, or be an even better choice for you if you’re looking for a bike for the weekend. It’s definitely got enough power to keep up with the rest of your buddies, but it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg coming in at P295,000. 

650 MT


At 71 horsepower and 62 Nm of torque, the CFMOTO 650 MT’s got the grunt to really push it over long distances. While it is heavier and taller, the bike isn’t unwieldy thanks to its wide handlebars and upright riding position. 

It’s also one of the most affordable in its class coming in at P354,000. When we asked CFMOTO if we could get a demo unit of the bike, they gave us a rather old model. We questioned why and they told us that this bike is the same exact one that completed the Philippine Iron Man challenge. When we got the bike, it looked like it did go through a Philippine loop, but when we rode it, it didn’t feel like it lost the pep in its step. For your touring needs, this bike should fit the bill. 

300 SR


Now, after all the highway-legal bikes on this list, we’ve decided that a 300cc entry is in order, but it’s not just any 300cc bike, it’s the CFMOTO 300 SR. The look of it just screams racy, and it’s got a well-designed body that really looks like it punches above its price point. 

For a price of just P165,000, it’s definitely a bargain compared to the other brands’ 150cc sportbike offerings in the country. It’s probably one of the best deals in the industry if we’re being honest. It has a 292cc single-cylinder engine that produces a healthy 28.6 hp and 25.3 Nm of torque, which is pretty good considering that it is competing against similarly-priced bikes that make about 20 horsepower. On top of that, it’s got a lot of wow factors which include a TFT display as well as name-brand J.Juan brakes, some of the bike’s best features. We got to review it and enjoyed our time with it. It comes with a few creaky bits here and there, but that all disappears when you hang off and lean in as it’s quite ergonomic all things considered. 

700 CL-X


Here’s the ultimate CFMOTO, at least in our opinion. Looks-wise, our jaws were on the floor when we saw this bike in person. Performance-wise, it was the best bike that the brand has shipped, and price-wise, it’s still a CFMOTO through and through. Everything from the switchgear to the paint of the 700 CL-X was pretty impressive, plus it’s probably one of the best values for money in the market.

At a price of just P369,800, the bike features a 693cc parallel-twin engine that produces 73.75 hp and 68 Nm of torque. It’s our most recommended bike for customers looking for something that looks special and performs well. Our only gripe with this bike is the comfort of its seat. It may look comfortable, but its padding is pretty thin. Still, it’s the best in the lineup right now. We’re eager to see what CFMOTO have up their sleeve in the future. 

If we’ve helped you decide on what CFMOTO will be perfect for you, head on over to our bike guides and get a quote for free. 

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