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5 Motorcycle pet peeves about other riders

Peeves everywhere you ride? Here are just a few.

Motorcycle Riding Pet Peeves

Pet peeves, you have them and you might not know it. What is a pet peeve? To put it simply, it is something that another person finds annoying. Believe us, there are a lot of things to be annoyed at in the Philippines, and there are some acts that motorcycle riders do that need to change. 

Sometimes, it’s non-consequential and other times it puts lives at risk. So here are just 5 motorcycle pet peeves that you may or may not agree with. 

Aggression on the road

Aggressive Riding

Have you ever encountered a rider who’s going a little too fast or splitting lanes a little too close? Have you ever gone bar to bar with another rider on the road while you were minding your own business? Or better yet, perhaps you’ve encountered someone who buzzes you while you’re cruising along on your Harley or even your Ducati? Some riders have no chill, and others have something to prove, either that or that’s just how they enjoy their ride. 

Either way, don’t get too annoyed and wag the finger at them, lest you become an aggressive rider yourself. Keep your cool, they’re only in your mirrors for a split second until they disappear into the sunset. 

Then there are the riders that are just outright aggressive at slow speeds or even at a stop. There are those that refuse to give way. Passive riders are okay, but then there are also those passive-aggressive types as well—those count, right? 

Passing on the shoulder, bus lane, or bike lane

Bicycle Lane

Even motorcyclists don’t like to be short-changed when it comes to saving time, but the end doesn’t always justify the means, right? There is a reason why we have lanes, they keep everyone in place and out of each others’ way. Bicycle lanes are there to keep cyclists and motorcyclists away from each other. On the road, it can be safe to assume that cyclists are among the more vulnerable on the road. 

Then we go to the motorcyclists that use the bus lane as an express lane. This simply should not be done as crossing a massive bus and a tiny motorcycle is a recipe for disaster. It’s quite annoying to see others get ahead through some rather illegal means. As such, we commend motorcyclists that stay in their lane and stay away from places that they shouldn’t pass in the first place. 

No helmets

Motorcycle rider without a helmet

For most motorcyclists who abide by the rules, seeing another rider without a helmet can draw a bit of ire. Not only does it look bad, it can be downright dangerous for the other rider and it can also stop the flow of traffic because ambulances need to come to the rescue, but traffic enforcers also need to divert the flow of traffic, and other motorists have to go around the incident. It’s not a pretty sight if someone hits their head while riding, and it can often be life-threatening. 

Inconveniences aside, helmets aren’t always the most comfortable things out there especially when you’re riding slow, so we get it, but at least put on an open-face lid or anything that is meant for motorcycling. 

No signal

Motorcycle Start Switch

On the highway, it’s a little iffy if a rider changes lanes without signaling, but it’s even worse if they almost take you out because you don’t know where they’re going. Speaking of, ever see those people that signal too much? No, not signaling every time they go into another lane, but leaving their hazard lights on while they ride. It’s annoying because you can’t even tell if they’re signaling left or right, so it is a bit like having no signals. Can’t signal a lane change if both indicators are being used for other purposes, right? 

No look

motorcycle rider no look

What’s even worse than the no-signal rider is the rider that doesn’t look behind them when turning. It’s important that nobody is coming up when changing directions. Even if you’re ninety-nine percent sure that there is nobody coming up behind you, check. 

Riders who don’t look in the opposite direction while turning are annoying because they can endanger themselves and the lives of others. There are countless videos out there of riders not paying attention to oncoming motorists and paying the price as a result. It’s annoying as well because you could be one of those motorists, and you could easily find yourself in a position that you don’t want to be in, off the bike and on the ground with the erring rider. 

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