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Kawasaki reportedly developing ZX-4R sportbike

Who doesn’t love a high-revving four-cylinder motor?

Kawasaki reportedly developing ZX-4R sportbike

Last year, Kawasaki launched a game changer in the lightweight sportbike segment. At first, the Ninja ZX-25R didn’t really make a lot of sense, especially in the Philippine market. What use would a 250cc, inline-four cylinder engine sportbike be, if it couldn’t be ridden on the expressway? Granted, those who had this mindset were not the target market for this new, nimble sportbike. 

So, who exactly was the Kawasaki ZX-25R for? Well, right out of the box, it’s clear to see that Kawasaki designed this bike as a track-focused machine. It’s high-rpm, low-displacement four-cylinder engine makes for the perfect machine to wring out on track. It’s even friendly for beginner riders looking to build on their track riding prowess, too. Having said all that, we’re pretty sure Kawasaki knew that it wasn’t going to gain mass appeal with the ZX-25R. 

Kawasaki ZX-25R

This could all be about to change, however, as the rumor mills in Japan have been turning, and it would appear that Kawasaki has yet another ace up its sleeve. Multiple online sources suggest that Kawasaki has taken the little 250cc inline-four motor from the ZX-25R, bored it out, revised the crankshaft, and slapped on a new ECU. The result of this could be an all-new sportbike in the form of the ZX-4R. 

Now, if and when Kawasaki does reveal this brand new 400cc inline-four-equipped sportbike, we can only hope that Team Green will import this bike into the Philippine market, as it is sure to become an instant hit, so long as it’s registered as 400cc, and guaranteed legal for use on the expressway. Now, it’s important to note that this is all speculation at the moment. However, if the recent sportbike hype train is to be followed, chances are that the ZX-4R could very well be underway. 

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