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Honda unveils 2021 Honda CB1300 in Japan

Don’t get your hopes up, this bike is as JDM as it gets.

2021 Honda CB1300

For the Filipino big bike enthusiast, the Honda CB400 Super Four is undeniably a household name. With many of these gray market imports roaming the streets in various levels of modification and restoration, this bike can either be a workhorse or a collectors item. Unfortunately, Honda’s local dealer network doesn’t carry the CB400 Super Four. Japan on the other hand, is lucky to have these bikes in abundance, as well as the brand new CB1300 recently unveiled by Honda Japan  

For decades now, Honda has been revolutionizing the motorcycle industry with its CB line of bikes. Locally, the Honda CB650R has made waves among enthusiasts, thanks to its relatively affordable price tag and decent performance. What started out as the first motorcycle to bring inline-four performance to the masses in 1969, with the CB750 Four, has quickly become the bike to shape the industry for decades to come. Now present in a plethora of displacements, the biggest of the lineup, the CB1300, made its debut in 1998 . That being said, Honda Japan has taken the biggest and baddest CB, and updated it for the modern day to feature the same iconic design, but with technological advancements akin to bikes of the modern era.

2021 Honda CB1300 Super Bol D'Or

For 2021, Honda Japan has unveiled 2 iterations of the CB1300, each of which with 2 variants. For starters, the CB1300 Super Four is bestowed with the iconic roadster aesthetic with a fuel tank, tail section, and body panels designed nearly identically to the bike of the late 90s. The top spec version of the Super Four, the SP, gets more premium color schemes, but retains the bike’s body work and underpinnings. Likewise, Honda has also unveiled the Super Bol D’Or variant of the CB1300. Featuring a half fairing, the Super Bol D’Or is designed as a more capable and comfortable long distance tourer. Just like the Super Four, it too comes in standard and SP variants, with the latter featuring more premium color schemes. 

Beneath the distinct and iconic Super Four and Super Bol D'Or styling, the CB1300 features the same double cradle frame for both iterations of the bike. The suspension system is composed of standard telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers at the rear. As far as prices are concerned, the CB1300 Super Four is pegged at 1,562,000 Yen, or the ballpark of P750,000, while its SP counterpart will set you back 1,936,000 Yen, or the ballpark of P950,000. The Super Bol D'Or with its gorgeous fairing comes in at 1,672,000 Yen or around P800,000, while the SP comes with a sticker price of 2,046,000 Yen, or a hefty P1 million.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of this gorgeous and iconic motorcycle making its way to Philippine shores is next to zero. As has been the case for decades, the majority of the Honda CB Super Four and Bol D'Or range have been JDM releases only. For those of you eager to get a classic inspired Honda in your collection, you’ll probably be best served by the Honda CB1100 EX. Priced at P810,000 this bike bears all the styling features of classic Hondas of the 60s and 70s.

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