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Bajaj has eyes set on expanding EV production with Chetak Technology

We could soon be seeing more electric two and three-wheelers from the Indian automotive giant.

Bajaj has eyes set on expanding EV production with Chetak Technology

Bajaj Auto is one of the largest two- and three-wheeler manufacturers in the world based solely on production and sales volume. Despite the fact that India is their most significant market, the business has a global presence in many different nations. Bajaj exports directly to more than 70 nations throughout the world.

Bajaj Auto officially opened the new production plant for Chetak Technology in Akurdi. This manufacturing facility was created specifically for the research and production of electric vehicles by Chetak Technology, a division of Bajaj. The executive director of Bajaj Auto, Rakesh Sharma, disclosed what the business is currently working on and what it anticipates working on in the future. Sharma claims that the firm is concentrated on maintaining a synergy between its lineups of EV and IC engine vehicles. Sharma also emphasized Bajaj Auto's hesitation to fully commit to electric vehicles just yet. This is due to the fact that internal combustion engine technology has not yet advanced sufficiently to warrant a total change in strategy.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

An electric version of the Pulsar motorcycle brand is one of the most widely anticipated products to come out of Chetak Technology's facilities. The chassis and body panels of this bike, if it is constructed, will most likely be identical to those of its gas-powered siblings. Similar parts like brakes and suspension from the Pulsar range should also be included. It will be interesting to see a company like Bajaj add full-size motorcycles to their EV portfolio in addition to electric scooters. This will undoubtedly gratify the enthusiast sector, which has long yearned for more cheap and sportier electric motorcycle options.

Even better, there is a slim chance that Bajaj's electric two-wheelers would gain popularity outside of the Indian market. Chetak Technology is thinking of selling Chetak EVs abroad. In particular, scooters make up more than 90% of the market in ASEAN nations including Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Even though Bajaj Auto is still relatively new to ASEAN nations, we may anticipate that after supply chains have stabilized, the business will introduce its electric vehicles to this profitable market.

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