2024 Peugeot Motocycles Django 150 P199,000 - P216,800

Peugeot Motocycles Django 150 Overview

The new Django 150 takes things a step further by adding distinctive and recognized retro flair to the mix in addition to being admirably equipped with all the elements that make up a premium maxi-scooter. Its distinctive design prevents it from being mistaken for another Euro scooter, and its substantial build results in a surprisingly comfortable seating posture.

It has a single-cylinder, 150cc, electronic-fuel-injection engine that produces 11 horsepower, which is an impressive amount of grunt. Additionally, it has ABS as standard equipment along with other scooter necessities like LED lighting, a big storage space, and cozy seating for two.

As for pricing, Peugeot Motocycles Philippines has pegged the Django's starting price at P199,000 for the Mono Range, P205,800 for the Sportstripe range, and P216,800 for the Two Tone variants.

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